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Dr James (Son) Chau-Vo
About Us

Dr James (Son)

Director of South Western EyecareCataract, Pterygium & Glaucoma surgeon

Dr Chau-Vo graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney in 1992 with Honors. He trained in ophthalmology at Sydney Eye Hospital and obtained his specialist qualification in 1999.

Cataracts Explained

SydWest Surgeons works with an integrated team of experts to offer seamless care we can answer your questions around.

What are the Various Types of
Intraocular LenseS

Various Types and Benefits of the Different Interocular Lens
Monofocal Lenses

Monofocal lenses provide clear vision at a specific distance, so they can be designed for either near vision or distance vision

Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lens implants are designed so that parts of the lens provide better focus for distance vision, while other parts provide better focus for near vision.

Accommodative Lenses

Accommodating intraocular lenses are flexible like the natural lens of the eye so they can be adjusted for clear vision at various distances

Toric Lenses

Toric intraocular lenses are recommended for people with cataracts who also have a condition called astigmatism, where the curvature of the eye is abnormal affecting vision at all distances. This lens is designed to correct the existing astigmatism.

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