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The iStent inject® is very tiny titanium implant placed inside the eye into the trabecular meshwork to improve outflow of eye fluid. It is the smallest implanted device that has been approved for use in the human body.

Can glaucoma be treated with iStent inject®?

Yes, if you have mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma and are currently on one to three anti-glaucoma medications, the iStent inject® device may help normalise your eye pressure.

How does the iStent inject® system work?

The iStent inject® system creates tiny channels which allow fluid to drain from the eye by bypassing the trabecular meshwork.

How is the iStent inject® procedure performed?

A topical anaesthetic drop is placed on the eye and a small opening is made to access the front portion of the eye. Next, a gel and a pupil-constricting medication is injected into the eye. The iStent inject® system is then inserted to access the angle of the eye. Under a magnified view, the iStent inject® device is inserted into the trabecular meshwork to create a tiny channel which allows fluid to drain from the eye. The hand piece of the iStent inject® system is rotated and an additional iStent inject® device is placed to create another channel for drainage. The iStent inject® system is then withdrawn.

What are the benefits of iStent inject®?

The benefits of iStent inject® system include:

  • Restoration of natural fluid drainage from the eye
  • Controls intraocular eye pressure
  • May reduce or even eliminate the need for glaucoma medication.
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