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FAQ’s Glaucoma

Is Glaucoma affected by the use of my eyes?

No. Glaucoma is not affected by use of the eyes, e.g. television, reading, nor by emotion or stress.

Will the Glaucoma go away?

No. Glaucoma will not go away, it needs continuous treatment and monitoring.

Can I ever stop treatment?

No. If treatment is discontinued or neglected, further damage to your eyesight may occur.

Why do I need to use eye drops?

Glaucoma eye drops help to reduce the pressure in the eye.

When can I stop using my glaucoma eye drops?

Glaucoma is a chronic condition, which means that you must continue to use the eye drops prescribed by your Ophthalmologist. These control the pressure in your eye and should not be stopped unless advised by your Ophthalmologist.

Do I have to use drops – can’t I just take a tablet?

Drops are much more effective than tablets when treating eye problems, because they can treat the problem directly. It is important to use the drop exactly as your Ophthalmologist has prescribed them, as some drops are most effective when used at specific times of the day.

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