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Advanced Cataract Surgery with Zepto

What Is Zepto Cataract Surgery?

Zepto is the latest precision technology for cataract surgery.

It uses nanotechnology and automation to precisely anchor the new lens implant on your visual axis.

This advanced cataract surgery offers a highly precise method for creating a lens capsulotomy. It is this step in cataract surgery that is critical in determining the success of your cataract procedure.

How does Zepto Compare with Laser Cataract Surgery?

Compared to current methods, Zepto helps provide you with a

Compare with Laser Cataract Surgery?

  • gentle,
  • quick, and
  • precise outcome.

Laser cataract surgery involves tens of thousands of laser pulses and more energy, whereas Zepto cataract surgery only requires 12 pulses lasting a mere fraction of a second. Less laser is gentler on your eye.

Published research has also shown that Zepto produces a better capsulotomy result than lasers. Surgeons find that lasers lengthen the duration of a cataract procedure and their use is inconvenient for the patient. Zepto is faster and easier.

Custom Cataract Surgery

Your eyes are unique. Doctors know that each eye is sized and shaped differently and therefore you have your own individual way of seeing.


The Zepto method allows your doctor to provide you with personalised cataract surgery that is customized for the way you see.

Is Cataract Surgery Painful?

This advanced cataract surgery requires the same type of eye drops for numbing as in cataract surgery, and should not be painful at all.

Approved Technology

Zepto is the only FDA approved technology that can do this new type of cataract surgery.

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