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Special Offers

Uninsured Option

No health insurance? There is no need to worry. If you are not in a Health Fund, and we have decided you need surgery, our surgeons could refer you to a public hospital or you could pay for your treatment privately.

Public Hospital

As a public patient, the treatment is free of charge. However, it involves a long waiting period of upward to 2 years, and works on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The surgery is most likely conducted by a training surgeon (registrar) under the supervision of the admitting specialist surgeons.


Alternately, you could decide to pay for the treatment yourself at a private hospital and not have to wait in a public queue. By ‘self-insuring’ you are cashing in the savings in unpaid private health insurance premiums.

This may cause quicker relief especially for uncomfortable or painful conditions.

Low Cost Private Option

Sydwest Eye Specialists can also offer affordable private cataract surgery for uninsured patients at Bankstown Hospital. With this option, you are taken care of and operated in a public hospital by our experienced surgeons with the choice of the latest premium lens implant.

By combining public facilities and private surgeons, your out of pocket fees are significantly less than a private hospital, with the same surgical outcome.

You could also claim part of your treatment expenditure on Medicare. We could assist you in getting an accurate written estimation of your expenses from the private hospital in advance.

For further details, please contact our practice manager via phone or email.

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